Locker and items

On the Tap Platform, all users have a locker. This locker houses their Tap Key and other tournament collectibles. Users will be able to trade or sell their collectibles items if they so choose.

Tap wallet

The Tap wallet plays a vital role in the Tap ecosystem and allows users to securely send and receive Tap Coins from games to addresses on the platform and also outside of the platform. Additionally, the  Tap wallet allows users to receive the proof of stake drip bonus.

In terms of security, we don’t house your private keys. That’s right! You remain in full control of your own private keys and you use your private key to sign transaction with your Tap wallet.

The Tap Wallet also support any ERC-20 token, you tell us which ones you want to be made available. Also, as an added bonus, our Tap Wallet is ERC-721 compatible! That means users will be able to house all their favorite gaming, non-fungible, collectible Ethereum tokens inside. Yes that means Cryptopunks, Rare Pepe Cards, and everyone’s favorite CryptoKitties!

Drip bonus

Using the Proof of Stake method, users receive Tap Coins (“TTT”) for holding a certain amount of TTT in their Tap Wallets. Users must hold 250,000 (250K) TTT in their Tap Wallets to qualify for the drip bonus. Users receive a maximum 0.25% each day for holding 250K(+) TTT. Users must hold TTT in their wallets from the 1st of every month to the 1st of the next month, as bonuses are applied to each Tap Wallet.